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Based on an Italian gelato style of ice cream, our ice cream is churned at a slower speed than the more traditional American-style hard ice cream. Gelato is served at a warmer temperature and has less air whipped into it, creating a lovely soft creamy texture. It is also lower in fat – so higher in flavour – than regular ice cream.

Our milkologists also create a mouthwatering range of artisan ice cream cakes which have proved to be very popular for birthdays, childrens parties and other special occasions. 

In 2016 we launched a natural yoghurt to our range. Small batches of yoghurt are made using fresh milk from the cows, daily, and a specific culture that creates a mild yet distinctive final product. Our yoghurt is available to buy from Ryefield Farm shop, The Storehouse, Swordale farm Butchers, Robertsons in Beauly, Corner on the Square, The Ord filling station, Cromarty store, Rosemarkie spar and various other outlets. 

We are pleased to announce that we are now producing whole milk from our Dairy. It's 100% pure and non homogenised which, simply put, means the cream rises to the top and gives the milk a very creamy texture. The milk, as with the ice cream and natural yoghurt is available at various outlets and is also for sale at our farm at Rootfield.

As the range expands be sure to look out here on our website for new and exciting developments to come soon.

We pride ourselves in using only the best quality ingredients, including local, seasonal fruits whenever possible. The  flavours below are available from the Honesty Shed at Rootfield Farm, Mulbuie. 

Ice Cream Menu
Pure Milk                Raspberry cheesecake Vanilla               Caramelised pear
Strawberry      Rum 'n' raisin  Chocolate             White choc and Raspberry
 Pistachio               Raspberry sorbet Honeycomb             White chocolate
Mint Choc Chip        Banoffee Coffee              Malteser
      Mango sorbet          Lemon sorbet        Ginger snap        Rocky road
Lemon Curd       Chocolate Orange       Gingerbread         Toffee Apple
Kinder bueno         Salted Caramel

       Biscoff     Coconut

     Cherry ripple              Passion fruit ripple     

Raspberry ripple
Mango  Berry yoghurt

Here at the Black Isle dairy we update the flavours on a regular basis subject to demand. 

We encourage and appreciate any feedback or flavour suggestions you might have, which can be left on our enquiry form.

Ice cream cake- Christmas pudding
Ice cream cake- Christmas pudding
This is our Christmas pudding ice cream cake
Ice cream cake- Holly
Ice cream cake- Holly
This is our holly ice cream cake
Ice cream cake- Snowflake
Ice cream cake- Snowflake
This is our snowflake ice cream cake
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